FIND OUT THE FIRST NAMES FOR LIVE /S LIVE 2023                   TICKET SALE STARTS 7 DEC, 10AM!                   FIND OUT THE FIRST NAMES FOR LIVE /S LIVE 2023                   TICKET SALE STARTS 7 DEC, 10AM!                   FIND OUT THE FIRST NAMES FOR LIVE /S LIVE 2023                   TICKET SALE STARTS 7 DEC, 10AM!                   FIND OUT THE FIRST NAMES FOR LIVE /S LIVE 2023                   TICKET SALE STARTS 7 DEC, 10AM!                   FIND OUT THE FIRST NAMES FOR LIVE /S LIVE 2023                   TICKET SALE STARTS 7 DEC, 10AM!                   FIND OUT THE FIRST NAMES FOR LIVE /S LIVE 2023                   TICKET SALE STARTS 7 DEC, 10AM!                   FIND OUT THE FIRST NAMES FOR LIVE /S LIVE 2023                   TICKET SALE STARTS 7 DEC, 10AM!                   FIND OUT THE FIRST NAMES FOR LIVE /S LIVE 2023                   TICKET SALE STARTS 7 DEC, 10AM!                   FIND OUT THE FIRST NAMES FOR LIVE /S LIVE 2023                   TICKET SALE STARTS 7 DEC, 10AM!                  

Food lineup curated by Best Kept Secret

Live is Live is almost here! The timings are out, the artists are rehearsing their sets and of course we are also concerned about your food cravings. Together with Best Kept Secret we created the best food lineup for you!

Hungry? The brand new 3-day musical experience Live is Live in Zeebrugge caters to every food lover with style. Craving a healthy veggie-filled meal or need to cure a hangover with a good burger? We’ve got you covered! We are joining forces with Best Kept Secret to provide the best and diverse food stalls to match the music lineup and beachy scenery.

Discover the amazing flavours of these mini food restaurants: It’s a Wrap, Vietnamama, Karma Kebab, Wood Pizza, Mission Masala, Woest, Kok au Van, Friethoes, Oyya, Hot Mama Hot, The Duck Truck en Hierbas de las Dunas.

It's A Wrap

We are 'It's A Wrap!' We make delicious burritos and wraps with our BBQ trucks, inspired by cuisines from all over the world.


Vietnamama makes fresh handmade spring rolls, beef noodle salad, Vietnamese spring rolls and baguettes (banh mi).

Karma kebab

What is the ultimate, sustainable, future-proof festival snack? Lowlands approached us with that question in 2018. Our answer was simple: Karma Kebab. Locally produced, super sustainable kebab with a celeriac-base. Fresh pita around it, unparalleled garlic sauce on top, and you have a bite that will make even the most seasoned carnivore's mouth water. We let rows of hungry festival-goers experience how delicious plant-based kebab can be. It's time to conquer the rest of the Netherlands.

Because together, we eat the world a little better.

Pizza Amici

'Friends of the Fire' is the literal translation of 'Amici Del Forno' and also the perfect description of what we have to offer you.

Amici Del Forno was born out of a passion for Italy where food and friendship bring everyone around the table. And we bring that piece of Italy from Sint-Niklaas to your home with our oven on wood fire. In 450° we bake our traditional pizzas, prepared with daily fresh products and our own traditional dough.

The atmosphere of our wood-fired oven can be found in our team. The Amici are friends who guarantee a fast, atmospheric, high-quality service. With a lot of passion for pizzas and friendship, we provide you with top catering.

Mission Masala

Mission Masala started in 2015 as a hobby that got out of hand. Four years, two food trucks and a restaurant later, Mission Masala has grown into a fixture in the Belgian food truck landscape and also one of the hotspots in Antwerp's culinary scene.


We love the German bratwurst. But then the package has to complete. With a good sausage from a real, German butcher. Big, firm, nicely seasoned and full of flavor.

At WOEST everything revolves around personal preference. In terms of meat, they offer the original bratwurst, currywurst, or the vegan variant. When the choice of meat is made you finish the sandwich at the topping bar. There you will find different kinds of vegetables, sauces, salsas and crispy toppings that will make you greedy. Create the best bratwurst sandwich you ever ate at WOEST.

The bratwursts are grilled on a large, floating grid above charcoal. The customer sees what happens before the sandwich is finished off at the bar. Simple, transparent and honest.

Kok au Van

After years of product research, Kok au Van now comes up with a "Burger Initiative". The Kok au Van, a burger lover who is amazed that there is no decent burger to be had at any Dutch festival, is now bringing the tastiest burgers from his Van to those Dutch festivals.

Using only the freshest and best ingredients, he makes gourmet burgers in their purest form. Everything the chef makes is fresh, the burger, the tomato salsa, the sauces, and of course also the buns are daily fresh and from the local bakery.


At FrietHoes we love fries. Real fresh and artisanal fries, that's it. Chips without any processing, additives or other strange frills. Honest fries, that's what we like best.

We love chips so much that we believe everyone has the right to enjoy them everywhere. In restaurants, at events and in our shop in Haarlem. Besides fries, we also love nature. That is why FrietHoes is as sustainable as it can be. Fresh and honest raw materials are used as much as possible in the production and preparation of the products. That way you get the very best fries!

Wonderful, but it has to look good too. The FrietHoes logo was created by cartoonist and designer Joost Swarte. Everything you see in the shop and at our food trucks is made of wood by wood artist Jan Heijer. That way, the picture is perfect. We think that is beautiful. And tasty.


Oyya's fully restored 1974 Citroen HY will undoubtedly be the eye-catcher at our event! In their ice cream truck fits up to 7 flavours of our delicious ice cream and sorbet.

The Duck Truck

The Duck Truck makes all of their items themselves and you can taste that! They think it is important that taste and quality speak for themselves and that is something that has stuck with their satisfied customers over the years.

More and more people know where to find The Duck Truck and come back for more.

South-east Asia is the region from which they get inspiration and they always have had something with duck among the other products.

Food Escape Foodtruck & Catering

Food Escape caters for all types of events. They have thousands of recipes of traditional Japanese cooking, they are happy to hear what you like and will try to meet your expectation as much as possible!

"We look forward to serve our food at your event!"

Hierbas de las dunas

Hierbas de las Dunas is a liqueur from eighteen types of herbs, flowers and plants from the North Sea dunes. Usually liquers are made with dried herbs, but creator and head chef Syrco Bakker (restaurant Pure C **, Cadzand) only uses fresh ingredients. This technique gives Hierbas de las Dunas a pure, salty-sweet flavour and makes it the perfect apéritif, after-dinner drink, or cocktail ingredient.

The Cider Tap

Cider Tap is the mobile bar of Het Ciderhuis. All ciders are produced in the traditional way without additives. Honest ciders made by small-scale cider producers with an enormous passion for their product. We serve cider on tap as well as from the bottle, so we can offer a large menu with lots of choice!


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